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8 Warning Signs That Your Vehicle Needs Service

Like going to a dentist, or a doctor for check-up, a car service is one of those things that most of us tend to avoid until the very end when we are left with no choice. By ignoring the scheduled car service, we put ourselves at risk of NCT failure, vehicle breakdown and costly repairs.

Imagine driving down the highway for a holiday trip with your family and suddenly your car breaks down. Stranded in the middle of the road, you now regret missing the car service that was due last month. You won’t face such scenario, if you get your car service regularly.
If you’ve been ignoring full car service for long now, chances are that your vehicle is experiencing problems and might breakdown any time. How can you find out if there are issues in your vehicle and it requires service?
To answer this question, we’ve compiled a list of 8 warning signs that are a car’s way of telling you “I need service”.

1. Warning Lights
Warning lights that appear on the dashboard are the most obvious indication that there’s something wrong with your car. They are configured to turn on when the systems in a car are not functioning properly. If you see these lights, don’t ignore them for a long time and take your car for a service to determine the problem before it turns into a major issue.

2. Filling Fuel More Often
If you’re filing you car up with fuel more often than usual, your car is naturally using more fuel. It can be harder to spot this issue, but you must be savvy and check your car’s mileage. A full car service can fix the fuel problem and save you from losing extra pounds on fuel.

3. Ignition
Yes, we do need coffee in the morning to get started. But, that should not be the case with your car. If your car is cutting out, stalling or taking longer to start, there’s definitely a problem with ignition and chances are that soon your car won’t start at all.

4. Squealing or Grinding
When you press the brakes to slow down, do you hear squealing and/or grinding sounds? If you do, you brakes surely need attention. The brake pads of your car might be wearing out or there could be a problem with callipers or rotors.
You might think you can postpone a service as the brakes are working, but that’s a horrible idea.
You cannot risk driving your car with worn out brakes that can stop working any time. Driving on the highway at 150 km/h and suddenly the brakes seize to work. Alas! It’s all over and the Angels of Death are here to take you now. If you don’t want your life to end like this, never ignore a car service when your brakes make grinding sounds.

5. Foul Emissions
Whether it is cloud of smoke, leaking oil or coolant or a breach, all mean bad news. There could be a major problem in car’s radiator, if smoke comes from the bonnet. Or, if it is coming from the exhaust, there might be a problem in the engine. In any case, these emissions are a sign that you car is experiencing issues and things can go critical any time- so, get it serviced.

6. Vibrations
Vibrations are very hard to spot and they can be barely noticed until the problem gets out of hand. However, if you find that your car is vibrating more than usual, there’s a good chance that the tyres have worn out or alignment needs to be adjusted. Driving with worn out or unaligned tyres is never safe, so take you vehicle for a full car service, if you notice vibrations.

7. Grinding Gears
The gearbox is subject to a lot of wear and tear, so parts and fluids require regular maintenance. If you hear a crunching or grinding noise as you change gear, it’s a sign that your gearbox needs servicing.

8. Stalled Progress
Stalls present a major risk when driving and can lead to a catastrophic accident. If your car starts cutting out in slow speed, there could be several things that are causing this issue. However, mostly clogged fuel filters and defective spark plugs cause this problem.

So, how can you ensure that you never ever face these warning signs?
Get your car serviced regularly. However, if you’re already experiencing any of these issues, you need a full car service from our highly qualified mechanics. In our full car service, we’ll find all the problems that need repair and fix them before they cause your car to break down. Contact us today to book your car for a full service.

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