Suspension & Steering

We Fix Any Car Services carry out suspension and steering repairs at very competitive prices. If you suspect that there is problem with your suspension or steering, call us ASAP. Our friendly team of experts will be happy to check your vehicle, discuss any issues and provide you with a comprehensive quote before any work is started.

Suspension – A vehicle’s suspension system helps to keep your tyres firmly in contact with the road. It assists with braking and road handling and is essential for a safe, smooth drive.

The suspension system is essentially a complex system of components located beneath the car’s body designed to work together to absorb the impact from minor imperfections in the roads surface and offer you a controlled, comfortable ride.

Due to the fact that suspension systems tend to wear gradually over a period of time, problems can be difficult to detect. If you leave it too long, however, there will be a negative effect on road handling, tyre wear and braking performance.

Warning signs that you should be on the lookout for include:

-Reduced brake efficiency
-Reduced road holding
-Increased wear on tyres
-Driver discomfort

Maintaining a healthy suspension system is vital for a safe and comfortable drive, so be sure to arrange your free steering and suspension check at We Fix Any Car if you notice any of the listed problems.

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