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Is Your Car Ready for the School Run?

Whether you welcome the peace and quiet with open arms or hate to be parted from your little ones, it’s time for your kids to get back to school. Well, they’ll already be back by now! But that also means the dreaded school run has returned, too. We can hear your groans from all the way at our MOT centre in Bromley area. We know, it’s awful! But, there is a way you can make it better, and that’s by ensuring you car is 100% school-run-ready. Let us show you how.

Tyre Checks

Making sure your tyres are in tip-top condition is a must before starting the school run. It can get pretty hectic on those roads, so you need to be able to brake properly and know you’re safe. Our MOT Centre in the Bromley area has specialised mechanics who can check yours for you and advise you on the best new tyres for your purpose if you need them. It’s always better to be saf

All the Gear

Be sure that you have working seat belts and all the car seats you need so that you can drive your kids safely. It’s so important that little ones are securely fastened in when driving! You should also be aware of the car seat regulations in the UK to make sure you’re driving within the law. If you’re unsure of what they are, just ask our team at our MOT centre in Bromley area and we’ll get you up to speed.

Full Servicing

We Fix Any Car’s MOT centre in Bromley provide full car services that check everything from your headlights to your oil levels so you can drive with peace of mind. We’ll ensure your vehicle is safe to be on the roads and spot any tiny issues before they become major problems. With kids in the car and frequent driving, it certainly pays to be vigilant in the safety of your vehicle!

Always Check the Car Before you Leave

Pop out 10 minutes before you leave for the school run everyday just to check your car’s working. By making sure everything’s running smoothly before you actually need to leave, you have time to sort out alternative travel if there is anything wrong. No one wants to be jogging into the school twenty minutes late because the car broke down!

If you think your car needs a bit of TLC to keep up with the busy school run, or for any travelling you do, then get in touch with the We Fix Any Car MOT Centre, Bromley area. We can help you with everything you need!

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