Car Service

Choose between our Interim Car Service and Full Car Service options. Our checks follow the Autodata manufacturer specifications to make sure your car is thoroughly checked to ensure your vehicle is healthy and safe to be on the road.

More about our car servicing

A Car Service is where a professional mechanic puts your car through a series of checks and tests. These checks and tests go way beyond the MOT, which checks to make sure your car is basically safe and road worthy.

Car Servicing probes deeper into a car’s working parts and, if done regularly, will prolong the life of the car and it’s parts, save you money, reduce the risk of breaking down and make your car a safer drive.

All car service schedules have – filters, fluids, belts, brakes, pads, spark plugs and many other components need to be changed at specific intervals. Check you car servicing manual for your car’s specific service schedule.

Not all car service is the same. Here at We Fix Any Car we offer an interim car service or a full car service. If you take your car to be serviced regularly, or if the car you have bought has been serviced regularly, then interim car service is usually recommended. If your car hasn’t been service for over a year then go for full car service.

Be aware that if during the service faults are found or parts are discovered that need replacing it could cost you more money than the stated car service pricing. At We Fix Any Car we will always call you before completing any work that will cost more money.

At We Fix Any Car our professionals Catford, London based mechanics know how to handle a wide range of car service. Whether you drive a passenger car or medium sized van or HGV, our mechanics strive to ensure that your vehicle will be performing at its best.

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